Jamie Dean is a singer-songwriter, virtuoso guitarist and music producer/mixer from Melbourne, Australia. His eagerly anticipated released album Sad Songs of a Mississippi Drunk, a record that took years to make due to his health, will almost certainly be his last.

    Sad Songs of a Mississippi Drunk was created over five years while Jamie lived between the US, Europe, Latin America and Australia. It includes artists, producers and engineers such as incredible and sublime voice of Emily Lubitz (Tin Pan Orange),  drummer Adam Topol (Jack Johnson), bass player Juan Nelson (Ben Harper), and engineers Bob Ludwig (U2, Coldplay) Dave Collins (Jack Johnson, Audioslave) and Eric “Mixerman” Sarafin (Ben Harper, Michael Franti). Also Australian artists such as Ollie McGill (The Cat Empire), Jonathan Zion (Pete Murray) and John Watson (Kasey Chambers).


    Jamie’s distinct voice has been compared to JJ Cale, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Ben Harper. His songwriting, a mixture of folk, reggae, blues, roots and soul, is considered highly original. His guitar playing is influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and the deep blues sounds of the US. The reggae influenced by Bob Marley, and the funk by James Brown. Yet all with Jamie’s characteristic sound and feel.

    The musicians on the album are some of the finest. Which is represented in the grooves and sweet notes played on the record.

    Sound Production:

    The sound productions of Sad Songs of a Mississippi Drunk encompass some of the heaviest bass mixed on an album. The use of analog gear, including two inch tape, half inch tape, vintage Neve and Harrison desks, and the skill of Eric Sarafin, Dave Collins, Bob Ludwig and Jamie in the recording, mixing and mastering, have ensured  sweet, fat, clear, warm sounds, that is considered a new sonic benchmark in the industry. It does not contain heavy compression/limiting on mastering, nor bright, harsh digitally distorted tops and mids in the mix; instead it has beautiful top end and mid end frequencies, with the lowest bottom end possible.


    The documentary Sun’s Going Down and it’s Getting Cold, a story of the making of Sad Songs of a Mississippi Drunk, Jamie’s acclaimed career in the music industry, and his decline in health, and surviving of being kidnapped in Venezuela is now released and can be viewed by clicking on this link

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