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December 6, 2017

Documentary series released!

suns going down uscreen


The beautiful but tragically sad “Sun’s Going Down and it’s Getting Cold” documentary series is now released, and the first episode “The Kidnapping of Jamie Dean Part 1” can be seen for free by clicking:

The many answers viewers have been waiting for in this series on what actually happened to Jamie in Venezuela are now finally revealed.

There are nine episodes now available including the heart-breaking and touching episode 2, which is titled “If It Be Your Will, That I Sing No More”.

Here’s how the subscription service works.

If you choose to subscribe, all you need to do is go to

then click on join and put in your info and credit card details. We use the company “Stripe” who are the safest credit card online service available.

Once subscribed, Jamie Dean’s subscription page charges $4.99 off your card each month and that gives you full access to all content on the page:

This includes music, video clips, stories, poetry, photography and videos.

You can un-subscribe at any time and it will do so instantly. Or, you can choose to stay subscribed and enjoy the new releases of this acclaimed artist, who never gives up no matter the obstacles he endures.

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